Three Great Places to Eat in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Epoxy Floor Coating Sioux Falls SD Papa Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza is the dream job for owner’s Lisa and Steve. They started it on a trailer with a two thousand custom made wood burning brick oven that could get up to one thousand degrees. Then, in 2019, they opened a brick and mortar restaurant located at the Jones421 Marketplace in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Their background is quite humbling as together they have over thirty-five years of restaurant experience. In 2006 their life took a big turn as Lisa’s sister fell ill and asked Lisa if she and Steve would take on her four children until she got better. Sadly, she passed away in 2014 so Steve and Lisa became the children’s legal guardians. Lisa had a baby daughter in 2007 and another child in 2009. Imagine going from just the two of them to a family of eight.

Steve quit his career in the restaurant industry to become a full-time dad while Lisa finished her Master’s Degree in Business, Strategic Planning and Marketing. Together they opened Papa Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza and saw instant success.

Papa Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza is truly a family operation. Each child plays an important role in the business from the oldest son making pizzas to the youngest daughter taking payment for their delicious meals. They have a strong four-point-four-star rating on the internet with twenty-four reviews.

RedRossa Napoli Pizza is located at 3412 S. Western Avenue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Prior to opening this place, the owners studied under a renowned chef that was based in California and certified in the making of Neapolitan Pizza. They opened their doors in the Fall of 2005.Epoxy Floor Coating Sioux Falls SD Photo

Neapolitan Pizza can trace its roots back over a thousand years ago in Naples, Italy. The pizza is cooked in a special wood fired oven that can be heated up to one thousand degrees. The pizza dough is ma\de with a fine flour called 0 or 00 tender wheat, the tomatoes are grown in Italy as well. The mozzarella cheese is freshly made to assure the best in taste. At RedRossa Napoli Pizza, the pizzas are cooked in about sixty to ninety minutes causing the edge of the crust to have blackened spots.

They have earned three hundred and ninety-one positive posts on the world wide web. The posts have given them over a four-star rating. Sticking with the true nature of the Neapolitan Pizza has given them their greatest dream.

Epoxy Floor Coating Sioux Falls SD RestaurantThere are Capriotti’s Sandwich Shops popping up all over the United State including the one located at 2504 S. Marion Road in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They got their beginning in Wilmington, Delaware when Lois Margolet and her brother, Alan opened the first shop in 1976.

Even though there were a lot of other sandwich shops in the area, Lois and Alan knew they could create a better sandwich. They named Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop after their grandfather, Philip Capriotti who taught them how to slow roast turkey. Roasting the turkey overnight, brought on a whole new concept in sandwiches and it took off.

The second Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop opened in Delaware by their cousin Diane Rizzo. From there, they decided to Franchise their shops and have had great success. The one in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has close to a four-point-five-star rating with over two hundred and twenty evaluations online.

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